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Legal solutions with a technical, business and creative vision.
A strategic and forward-looking approach.

A strategic and forward-looking approach

We are a boutique law firm positioned in business law which provides cross-sectional advice from all areas and specialities.

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General budgets for the year 2023

In addition to the tax on large fortunes, the main tax measures for 2023 are the increase in the rates applicable to the savings taxable base in personal income tax, the change of coefficients …

The necessary, incomplete and not very precise law to promote the start-up ecosystem

On December 1, the Law to foster the Spanish start-up ecosystem, also known as the "Startups Law", was approved. In this article we analyze the fiscal and corporate measures adopted to support the …

legal solutions

La Guard was set up with the vision of providing highly qualified legal services with an overall business vision and adapted to client needs

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