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Our team provides expert advice on the following areas:

Nowadays, legal persons and, in particular, corporate enterprises, whether they are large, medium or small, listed on the stock market or single-member companies, are the vehicle for doing business and require a good grasp of the legal, general or sector regulations and all types of contracts … read more
Being aware of the changing and highly-complex reality, we provide our clients with strategies, tools and resources to optimise their tax obligations and savings … read more
An efficient dispute resolution as well as litigation prevention or an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are very important at present. That is why La Guard has lawyers with an extensive track record who have been trained as mediators and arbitrators at the best European and North American universities and who regularly also act as arbitrators or counsel before numerous domestic and international arbitration and ADR institutions … read more
A good ally who is an expert in employment law always makes the difference between having a motivated team or a source of tension. We at La Guard firmly believe that, as people, doing things properly is the best stimulus for guaranteeing team satisfaction … read more
One of the fields in which we have more years of experience and where our advice also provides a differential value is real estate transactions. We work hand in hand together with experts on civil property law, zoning regulations, taxation and environmental policies to ensure your project's success and prevent future conflicts regarding the property acquired for civil, administrative or zoning reasons … read more
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